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About Us

VideoMentum addresses opportunities in the highest-grossing media categories where both content producers and audiences could be better served, using our global perspective to move video in new directions.

V-CMS Video Platform


In a three-year study, the V-CMS was found to capture 25 times more revenue than YouTube and other short form video hosting sites for action content.


The V-CMS supports uncensored action content with a purpose, organized around targeted themes and causes. Audiences define the platform and directly support artists who represent their values.


After ten years of refining the business model and core technologies, the VideoMentum team are now working with investors and partners to scale the platform.

Built on the V-CMS platform, DeadlyDymes Media presents uncensored action videos with the purpose of developing diverse talent for the entertainment industry. Talent first featured on have gone on to appear with Marvel, WWE, Netflix Studios and others.

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ActionZone Engine

check markThe ActionZone Engine empowers video producers by automating the generation of high quality studio, sports and event video.

check markThis technology combines, timesyncs and autoedits video across virtually every camera in the market, including mobile devices, DSLRs, camcorders and action cameras.

check markToday a film production, game or other event can be captured by up to twenty independent cameras and seamlessly combined into one video that tracks the action automatically.

check markCurrently licensing to platform leaders in the sports technology, theatre and film production, educational content, gaming and other media-driven industries.