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"we are in a golden age of content production,
and the dark age of creative profit sharing"

jeff sagansky

former ceo of cbs entertainment

& sony pictures entertainment

Videomentum creates loyal following

By matching distinctive media with passionate viewers

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Distinctive: adjective. serving to distinguish; having a special quality, style, attractiveness, etc.; notable.

Videomentum delivers maximum earnings to producers of distinctive media and maximum entertainment value to viewers through our unique marketplace.

a different kind of studio

VM Studios is growing a network of Theatres -- like a web of targeted "Netflixes" -- each Theatre representing a unique culture, voice and style of storytelling that offers viewers a world they wish to see.

Theatres for Everyone

Purchase universal VM Credits in one place and spend them in any Theatre. Forget subscriptions - only pay for what you want!

The Experience

"For my tastes in action movies Videomentum is the best out there. I find what I want quickly, enjoy it ad-free, and leave entertained. I am happy to pay for the experience and convenience."
Michael, Videomentum Member

"Thanks to Videomentum my films are my primary income. I produce a few shorts each year and this covers most of my bills and frees time for other things."
ZH, Filmmaker

"Videomentum lets me define my own brand and creative direction. Plus the on-demand revenue share is awesome!"
Grace, Olympic-Trained Martial Artist and Stunt Performer

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Share a film that belongs in one of our theatres, or pitch a new theatre that needs to exist.

  • Content: the type of content you have in mind exists in some quantity or is something you produce.
  • Platform: the content is not well-served by existing platforms due to censorship, search issues or something else.
  • Audience: there is a passionate viewership that supports and values this type of content.
  • Mission: establishing a home for this type of content serves a deep-seated purpose for you.
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