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"we are in a golden age of content production,
and the dark age of creative profit sharing"

jeff sagansky

former ceo of cbs entertainment

& sony pictures entertainment

Creating Thriving Online Communities Around Shared Video Content

Through a full-circle production, distribution and monetization infrastructure

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Videomentum is a culturally global network of online theaters with a shared user experience and patented content access system, which gives a growing number of communities around the world truly independent homes for their stories.

a different kind of studio

VM Studios is growing a network serving specific creator and audience communities -- like a web of targeted "Netflixes" with each representing a unique culture, voice and style of storytelling.

Theatres for Everyone

Purchase universal VM Credits in one place and spend them in any theatre. Forget subscriptions - only pay for what you want!

Future Expansion

VM Studios is always expanding our catalog
especially, though not exclusively within the following categories:

Want to establish a theatre?

Propose a Theatre

Your Theatre Awaits

Share a short video that belongs in one of our theatres, or pitch a new theatre that needs to exist.

  • Content: the type of content you have in mind exists in some quantity or is something you produce.
  • Platform: the content is not well-served by existing platforms due to censorship, search issues or something else.
  • Audience: there is a passionate viewership that supports and values this type of content.

Read descriptions of theatres currently in development.

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