the production, distribution, and monetization of independently created video art

our story

"we are in a golden age of content production,
and the dark age of creative profit sharing"

jeff sagansky

former ceo of cbs entertainment

& sony pictures entertainment

We empower video creators everywhere.

Through a full-circle production, distribution and monetization infrastructure

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  • Production is wasted without Distribution
  • Distribution is worthless without Monetization
  • Monetization supports better Production

a different kind of studio

VM Studios is a curated network of video galleries selling video art directly to consumers - a network of small, thematically grouped collections of videos, like miniature "Netflixes," expanding every day!

Theatres for Everyone

Purchase universal VM Credits in one place and spend them in any VM Theatre. Forget subscriptions - only pay for what you want!

Future Expansion

VM Studios is always looking to add new video art to its catalog.
We are currently looking for pieces that fit within the following categories:

Want to sell video art through VM Studios?

Propose a Theatre

Your Theatre Awaits

Pitch a theatre that needs to exist and we will help you launch it.

  • Content: the types of short films you have in mind exist in some quantity.
  • Platform: they are not well-served by existing platforms due to censorship, search issues or something else.
  • Audience: there is a passionate viewership that supports and values this type of content.

Read descriptions of theatres currently in development.

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